It's a Wonderful Life

Clint Bradford

Apologies to Frank Capra ... (grin)

But it's a great time of the year for me. I have five satellite shows lined up
in the next two months ... plus HRO's HamJam in Anaheim, CA this Saturday -
for which I just secured more than 100 bottles of water, for attendees, as it is
expected to be the hottest day of the year so far in the So CA region (105 in
Anaheim,  111 in Jurupa Valley). In addition to HRO's raffle prizes I am also
donating several items for lucky attendees, as well as about fifty additional
gifts for folks I run in to. It will be a great day. NOT a "sales-oriented" event, 
but, rather, an educational event, with exhibitors and demos and explanations of
newer technology ... But if you ARE in the market for an Elk or Arrow Satellite 
Antenna, I can save you a few bucks off HRO's already great pricing (grin).

There are new hams - as well as seasoned ones - that inquire about working 
the "easy sats" all the time. It has been an exciting run as I this month surpass
performing 100 sat shows for conventions, 'fests, and clubs in the US and

Also coming up next month is a 10-minute segment on the planet's most 
popular ham radio podcast - where we'll discuss - you guessed it - workin'
the easy sats with minimal equipment.

There is definite interest in the topic of working the FM voice "easy sats." I am
proud of my accomplishments - and truly appreciate your continued support
over the years.

Last week's project from the ISS brought many hams into the world of SSTV 
who never worked that mode before. And the project lasted a few hours longer 
that originally scheduled! Transmitted images were cut off a bit on the sides, but that did 
not detract from the excitement of the project. Twelve different i
mages were captured by
ground stations across the globe! 

Back to work. Have a safe and sane Fourth of July in the US. And thank you all again 
for your suggestions, great questions, and station setup tips and techniques. THAT'S 
what "amateur radio" is all about: the sharing of information to make it more enjoyable 
for all.

Clint Bradford K6LCS