Handling Emergency Traffic

Clint Bradford

There has been an interest in how to properly handle a distress or emergency call you may receive ...

I have such a presentation that we can do via Skype to anyone interested. Formal slideshow lasts right about 25-30 minutes - but please plan for an hour - because the Q&A is always interesting!

Privately email me at clintbradford@... or call and leave a message at 909-999-SATS.


Clint Bradford

Geeze - already receiving calls on this ...

Although my program was developed in concert with the California Highway Patrol,
Caltrans, and other CA-specific agencies, it will be tailored to YOU in YOUR REGION.

Email clintbradford@... or leave a message at 909-999-SATS - the slideshow
runs 25-30 minutes - but please allow an hour, because the Q&A during and afterwards
is always great.

Clint Bradford

How long have I been doing this for my region? Since I was chair of a 20-site 
GMRS repeater system in California - for more than 20 years.

Covered is how to properly "communicate" with dispatchers ... how to calmly 
get all the information from the victim/informant before you make the call ... a
form that you maintain in your station records that was developed by myself,
CHP, Caltrans, and local law enforcement - to properly document your incidents ...

It is a time-proven, excellent presentation.

Only those who have never seen the presentation could possibly make any negative
claims about it. Again, it was developed by every agency that is responsible for
moving traffic on California freeways, as well as alongside broadcast media sources: 
After you properly handle the situation, it may be one that your local traffic reporters 
do not know about, or you have "updated" information for them - that could affect the 
drive time of hundreds if not thousands of commuters.

Clint Bradford