HamJam at HRO-Anaheim TODAY!

Clint Bradford

Hope to see a few of you later today ... Bring the family - the store IS air conditioned (grin).

Lunch will be great ... demos and exhibits and satellite passes and raffles: EVERYthing hams 
love (except the anticipated 105+ degree heat).

Clint Bradford

Just received two SSTV images from the ISS here at HamJam!

Clint Bradford

Heard a couple others on SO-50 ... We made no contacts this pass. 

Next up - possibly more SSTV from the ISS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!

Clint Bradford

Yes - that shirt IS from the Buzz Aldrin collection! I'll be wearing it later ...

Clint Bradford

Another ISS SSTV image received ... way too much fun!

Clint Bradford

Two contacts just made on ‘92!

Clint Bradford

Raised some autism awareness today with displaying their colors. That’s just one of the many organizations we support ...

Clint Bradford

So many folks to thank ...

-hams on the passes we successfully worked

-Janet and the gang at HRO

-the Autism Society of the Inland Empire -

-Buzz Aldrin for the great NASA shirt

-Sarah Heil for the mini-boom mic for working full-duplex for the event

-NASA and the Parkes Observatory for the rights to reproduce some wonderful photographs (two 16x20” prints were in the raffles, six 11x14” gifted to hams who were outside workin’ the birds with me, and 30+ 4x6” prints were handed out.

-glad I donated 105 bottles of water for the event - it was a little warm ...

-the VE team with their eight successful exams/upgrades

- and more I’ll thank later.

Clint Bradford

A great day ...

Clint Bradford

An amateur videographer was here at HamJam today.

Successful results today that were recorded:

-Three SSTV images from the ISS during two passes received.

-Successful contacts made on AO-91 and AO-92.

-Demonstration on how the addition of a "handle" on the Arrow Antenna
made working the birds less stressful on anyone's wrist.

But I'll wager you'll never see that footage online ...

And so it goes.