Gift for the first to receive UVSQ-SAT (INSPIRE-5)

David Spoelstra

For the launch of UVSQ-SAT (INSPIRE-5) , the project team will offer a gift for the first 5 people who received the UVSQ-SAT (INSPIRE-5) signal and sent it to the UVSQ-SAT team.  The following information should be sent by email to the team (uvsqsat.telemetry@...):
  • Last name first name
  • Call sign (optional)
  • Date and time received (UTC)
  • Geographic coordinates
  • The waterfall of the received signal or a wav file
UVSQ-SAT (INSPIRE-5) satellite information:
The launch is planned for January 22, 2021.

This one is supposed to have a badly needed FM Repeater in it.

-David, N9KT