Full duplex options?

Hayward Gaude

What other options are there out there for a duplex/dual-receive HT for satellite?   I'm sure the D72 is a phenomenal radio, but for what I'd pay for one of those, I can get a good used all band HF rig, or a barely used 817 maybe.  

 I know there are dual-receive mobile radios (that actually cost a lot less!) but then power supply is not so mobile...


Hayward - N5HMG


Hi Hayward,

You can get a cheap Chinese handie that will do the job. Apparently my Wouxun KG-UV8D does this.

However, I have read in several places that it is not really necessary and I have yet to read HOW this works. Obviously, if I am TXing I cannot receive and when I have finished TXing, I want to hear the downlink!

Sorry if you feel I have hijacked your thread, but I thought it relevant.

73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT


I use two cheap Baofeng's one on 2m and one on 70cm.  Tie them together with a mfj-916 duplexer and whatever dual-band antenna you use and it works just fine.  The duplexer costs 25-30 USD.

Phil  K7TTI