Exciting Satellite PASS Site

Clint Bradford

Hello Clint,


I've seen your site, and your valuable work on presentations, congrats

and well done !!


I've made an easy to use application that works initially online and

afterwards offline.


Shows graphs & works on PCs/Macs or any portable device with android or Ipad.


Detects own location, shows satellites on view that if clicked shows

freqs and doppler in real time as well as showing where to point



Allow select group of sats, as I.E. FM-Voice, SSB, digital, weather,

etc. showing in local or UTC time where satellite starts and end over

own location.


It's non commercial, free, without ads & don't need to update keps

and/or satellites frequency and modes. Has helps available in several

languages, although not needed due usage is intuitive.


It's good companion for live presentations, showing pictures of

selected satellites.


Particularly useful for field usage, mounting tablet or smartphone on arrow.


It's being used on over 15.400 worldwide locations: http://lu7aa.org/passlog.asp


Will like please try it, and if found useful and possible please add

on your tracking page.


Is known as PASS, it is on http://amsat.org.ar/pass


73 & Thanks, LU7ABF, Pedro

Brad Ko6kL

Thank you  LU7ABF, Pedro , the tracking web site works great , I use it outside with my HT , and also on the desk along with satpc32.

Op: Brad