Elk 2M/440L5 - Re-tuning My Thinking

Clint Bradford

New stock at HRO and the other major ham retailers are carrying a 
slightly different "version" of the renowned Elk 2M/440L5 log periodic.

The capacitor is different ... and re-positioned. And 440 receive 
performance is slightly better - noticeable even without test equipment!

No price increase ... nothing mentioned in the documentation ...

I will be editing my "Elk vs. Arrow" comparison on my Web site 
overnight. This was an area of performance where Arrow had an 
edge. Both Arrow and Elk LISTEN to their customers, and CARE about
what we say!

Clint K6LCS

Ted Horishny

The Elk is a log periodic. I've had mine apart several times. No capacitor. Are you referring to the spacing  between "mast" components ??  If so, whats the difference and older ones should be able to be upgraded.

Clint Bradford

Yes - just the "air gap" capacitor / capacitance relationship ... It is subtle ... Let's let Jim get through this 
season of hamfests and conventions, and help him write a "tech bulletin" later!

Ted Horishny

The "boom" is actually the transmission line for the "array of dipoles" and in design is spaced for a  "characteristic impedance " to match the feed line (75 or 50 Ohm or what ever) lots of math involved here.  So they have altered the spacing hence the impedance of the antenna. Am I barking up the right tree?