Do NOT Use the ISS "Crossband Repeater"

Clint Bradford

ARISS would prefer that we NOT use the recently posted repeater pair for FM

That was a test of the Tanusha birds, and NOT an open invitation to use it as an 
ISS FM Voice repeater. Something definitely went wrong with the Russians' plan 
for the testing. And that downlink frequency is - well, kind of like the US' 146.520 as 
it is a common terrestrial frequency in Europe.

And the 15-year-old Kenwood D-700 cannot take that amount of ops, as its fan/cooling
is not 
adequate for such continuous operations.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS: This will all change with the next generation of ISS ham 
gear: the IORS. Its FM voice repeater transceiver will include a more robust fan and 
special firmware to make voice repeating a regular capability through the ISS.

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And, as always, watch for more information!


Floyd Bixler

Tks, Clint. Now we know the rest of the story.


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