Definitions of "Graciousness" and "Class"

Clint Bradford

Gordon West WB6NOA brought one of his comms vehicles to the HamJam '18 
at Ham Radio Outlet today. A classic vehicle, worthy of pages of history by itself.

But he does what he always does: He set up two chairs at the rear of the vehicle, 
facing each other. And he spent 90 percent of the time during the 105-degree-heat 
event talking - one-on-one - to whomever desired information or advice regarding 
any aspect of this magnificent hobby.

Oh, he could have spent more time in the air-conditioned dealer's shop. No one 
would have faulted him for that in the slightest.

Instead, though, he desired to speak with anyone who wanted to talk to him - 
whether a ham already or not. The way in which he sets up that intimate 
setup, interruptions are few, if any. He devotes 100 per cent of his attention 
to anyone's requests for information.

True class. 

Clint Bradford