Decoding ITASAT and MOVE-2


I'm trying to decode the telemetry data packets from the ITASAT and MOVE-2 Satellites using UZ7HO Soundmodem without success. Playing back an SDR capture of the pass, I can pull out and decode the JY1-Sat and Fox-1Cliff satellites, but both of those satellites have dedicated apps for telemetry decode. Decoding the AX.25 packets used by ITASAT and MOVE-2 is proving more difficult. I have SDRSharp playing back the recording and using USB mode with the satellite signal centered in the voice band. The audio is being played through Virtual Audio Cable that loops it back to a virtual microphone that another app can record from. This is the same setup I used for JY1-Sat except that, instead of the JY1-Sat Dashboard, it;s UZ7HO Sound modem listening on the other end. According to AMSAT UK, the ITASAT should be 1200 baud BPSK AX.25. However, I never seem to get any packets decoded on it.

A similar setup using the 9600 baud BPSK variant of UZ7HO's Sound modem was attempted for MOVE-2, but similar results. I can hear both satellites in the audio. ITASAT sounds plenty strong, though MOVE-2 might be a little weak to decode.

Any tips on decoding these satellites would be appreciated!

- Loren