Audio Recordings from SATNOGS Observations

Mike Hoblinski

I have just started setting up my ground station for use with SATNOGS                                  Over View                                                     Wiki

Right now I just have the Raspberry Pi 3 and a RTL-SDR V3 dongle set up on the
bench. I hope to get a antenna built and do some test observations and audio
recordings. They have a antenna rotor project that uses aluminum extrusion and
3D printed parts for the worm Gears and other parts. They also have various antenna
projects for the ground station setup.

The various ground stations on the network record audio and waterfall from the SDR
for online review and down load. Some ground stations are simple no track setups like
the raspberry Pi and sdr dongle. Others are full blown tracking stations with a 3d printed
Az-El rotor or Yaesu rotor.

If you have a ground station setup or one near your QTH you can search for a pass and
go back and listen to a recording of the audio for that pass. If you were working that pass
you can hear a recording and see how other stations heard you. Every station on the
SATNOGS network is made up of different variations. And their is a wide catalog of satellites
that the groundstations can track. Almost all Amature and WX Satellites, ISS, Ect

You log onto the SATNOGS site and schedule an observation. The node, Doppler, Time,
and frequencies are sent to the ground station and everything is executed automatically
During the pass.

Mike Hoblinski