Arrow Antenna - Pistol Grip

Clint Bradford

Any user can tell you: Holding the Arrow Antenna with its included foam grip
for those satellite passes places stress on your wrist ... and elbow ... and
shoulder. As far as the health of your arm is concerned, it is NOT
ergonomically "correct***."

How can you make it a healthier, more ergonomic relationship?

Get that wrist straight. Think of the Arrow as a "tool." Add a handle to it!

If that looks like a Stanley(tm) hacksaw handle, well, that's because it IS a 
Stanley(tm) hacksaw handle. (g)

Found mine at Home Depot - Model 15-090 SKU 961487. It has a nice, flat 
top surface. I used a strip of one of my favorite adhesives: Scotch(tm) Permanent 
Double-Sided Extreme Mounting Tape (Home Depot Model 414DC-SF, 
SKU 285189):

But, in addition, I also used a couple of industrial-strength Zip ties 
to really affix the handle:

So - don't subject yourself to possible AWS (Arrow Wrist Syndrome). Visit 
your local home improvement store - and get ergonomic!

Clint Bradford K6LCS


Clint Bradford

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