ARISS Needs Your Help!

Clint Bradford

Oh, you'll see this plea from me often ... (grin)

See pages 71-72 of the July QST Magazine for more details.

ARISS is in critical need of an infrastructure update to ensure that programs like students talking to astronauts in space via amateur radio can continue 

Through your donations ARISS seeks the following upgrades: 

• Next Generation radio system will support easier radio mode transition, to enable new, exciting capabilities for hams, students and the general public including: 

-- New amateur radio communication and experimentation capabilities, including an enhanced voice repeater and updated digital packet radio (APRS) capabilities

-- Slow Scan TV (picture up and downlinks) in both the US and Russian segments of ISS

• New multi-voltage power supply will support present and future radio capabilities and allow wireless experiments to be conducted

• ARISS needs to build 10 Next Generation Radio Systems to support our development, on-orbit operations, training and long-term maintenance. This includes units on-orbit (2 units--1 unit each in US and Russian segment), flight spares (2 units), training (3 units), testing (1 unit) and ground-based maintenance & troubleshooting (2 units).

See the ARISS Fundrazr page at ...

Ask your CPA for details - but donations to ARISS *can* be tax deductible!