AMSAT-NA Elections - Question for WE4B

Clint Bradford

I have read all candidate biographies. What is "missing" is 
on WE4B's candidate statement is:

Which AMSAT-NA projects have you volunteered for? Specifically,
projects volunteer directly for AMSAT-NA, and not just general 
satellite work.

Say, for the past 10 years, please.

We deserve to know all AMSAT-NA-related information before we vote.

Many thanks.

Clint Bradford K6LCS 

Clint Bradford

>> Hey Clint how about listing yours?  Many thanks . Rick WA9JBQ 
B-b-b-but I am not running for the AMSAT-NA board, of course.
But couple projects come to mid, though:
-In almost every of my  100+ presentations, AMSAT-NA has a few “slides” showing membership benefits. 
I also always mention how folks can leave bequeath in their wills, stating, “The only ones who would be 
upset by leaving AMSAT-NA some money in their wills would be your grandchildren … “ That always 
results in a chuckle from my audiences.
- I ran a “contest -  “Identify" that woman behind those Foster Grant sunglasses.” The photo was a black-and-
white of AMSAT-NA’e own  manager, Martha - shot, I believe, in England - MANY years ago. AMSAT-NA 
received more than $100  from me for that.
-The 3-4-page “tutorial” that is very common for working the satellites? It was me wo first wrote that version, way 
back at the AMSAT Symposium when it was held in Central California (not 2011, but about 15-16 years ago- maybe 
2006?). My copy gets updated - I believe at least 20 times to keep up with the times. I that handed Martha the “original4-page 
tutorial for her to use as she deemed fit. That was the symposium where I also donated two Arrow Antennas and 
a radio to AMSAT for their raffle. The tutorial is published on the Home page at - and it was 
also published in the official Symposium “papers” document - look it up!
-More recently, I was “prize chair” for AMSAT, and gathered more than $2,000 worth of prizes for the attendees.
I donated an HT and several other prizes myself! Among the prizes …
-Better Tomorrow - Two DX coffee mugs (2 x 20 = $40)
-Sierra Radio Systems - SOMETHING, to be p/u by CB at PACIFICON
-Ventenna - VT-27 ($130)
-High Sierra Microwave - SOMETHING, via Andrew!
-Elk Antennas - One antenna + bag ($150)
-FunCube Dongle - Andrew snagged one! ($150)
-antennasus - THREE UC-4364-328 RHCP Rx Only Pl-259 antennas - ($280)
-K6LCS - Icom IC-BP170 batt case, Diamond SRH-320a antenna, Smiley 270A ($110)
-WIRED Comms - P/U stuff at Pacificon (probably a DMM and LED flashlight(s))
-Powerwerx - APO3 Auto Power-off Switch ($60)
-Apex - Two heat-shrink tubing kits (2 x 9 = $18)
-Nifty Accessories - IC-W32, three FT-60 guides (4 x 6 = $24) 
-Arrow Antennas - two sat antennas (2 x 140 = $280)
-DX Store - Icom IC-W32a HT ($150)
-Stephen Guylas - Three Guylas BNC-to-SMA adapters (gift certificates) (3 x 18 = $54)
-CQ Publications - one CQ VHF subscription - ($26)
-Pryme - SPM-2100 spkr-mic and EH-1289SC earpiece - ($44 + $26)
-HRO-Anaheim - eight Maha NiMH 2700mAH AA cells ($30)
-Then I conducted an online auction - with ALL PROCEEDS going to AMSAT. A Puxing dual- band HT, a early-serial 
number Icom IC-W32a, postage stamps that were flown into space - now in in a presentation folder,  several plate 
blocks of space-related postage  stamps, a cool Asus android-based Smartwatch …
That’s just off the top of my head this morning. There are more projects with which I have been involved - 
directly benefitting AMSAT-NA.
Geeze, now that I think abut it, maybe I should run next time …
Thanks for asking.
Clint Bradford K6LCS


Hi Clint

I read your post and you certainly have been involved with both Amsat and working satellites.  I want to thank you for all the time you have devoted as well as the help in educating others.


Steve Handler, N9ABC