AMSAT Election: Two to Avoid

Clint Bradford

Patrick Stoddard and Jeff Johns created a Web site in 2018 using my Web site’s name - but added the plural of my - they used “Sats.”


The site was solely created to demean myself and Gordon West. The posts were obscene, vile, insulting, and vicious in their attacks.

Most of their posts are too objectionable to post on a public forum like this: posts like a photo of two rats fornicating and writing that my satellite inquiry phone number of 800-999-SATS could also use the alpha characters, 800-999-RATS. If anyone is interested in reading screenshots of their work, I will privately email them to you.

Needless to say, Stoddard and Johns will not be receiving my vote.

Clint Bradford K6LCS

PS They let the GoDaddy domain name expire after a year. I registered it immediately - and it is now redirected to my site.