Amazed at the Ignorance

Clint Bradford

Ain't it da truth??? (grin)

Brad Smith

My neighbor doesn’t believe that we put men on the moon. He believes that it was filmed in some AZ desert.


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On Jul 19, 2018, at 1:32 PM, Steve R via Groups.Io <oldjavadrinker@...> wrote:

So I have been semi bed ridden for the last few weeks with a terrible case of vertigo, BPPV to be precise, but that is a whole different story. So during my non hamming time I have ventured onto YouTube in the non amateur radio areas. It's funny how you look at a video, and google feeds you others that are related. UFO's to Bigfoot, to giants, to whatever. Then somehow I stumbled onto the flat earthers, Now I have heard of these guys before, and never really paid much attention to them.

I have realized that this is a very large movement. There are literally thousands of people who believe in the flat earth. Not only believe....teach, write books, debate, and you know cant debate them or reason with them. They say there is no ISS, no satellites, the sun hovors over the earth, and the satellites are just balloons, Haven't you noticed that all TV dishes point to the same cellular tower?  I find it amazing that in today's age we have folks thinking this, it is not the 1600's. Oh and don't think this is just dumb creationists, because Dr. Hovland who is a famous creation scientist even says the earth is round and also says these folks are nuts. No, it is across the board, people of all walks of life, atheists, conspiracy theorists, or just plain folks....the earth is flat.

They have a zillion theories of proof and don't even try to bring up science, it doesn't matter. So I am really ashamed that I have believed that I saw rockets launch satellites, and that I actually thought that i was talking to other people on an AMSAT satellite. This is the greatest conspiracy of all mankind. Imagine tens of thousands of people working for NASA, astronomers, and even you know the truth and have kept it all a secret....HAHAHAHHA!!  Rant over, have fun guys. 

I think I will move onto the giants that live underground, those guys are more fun to talk too.