Amateur Radio and Humanitarianism

Clint Bradford

I was just sent a message, indicating some malcontent on the 'Net thought 
it was inappropriate for me to promote "autism awareness" during an amateur 
radio public event today. 

My initial response? Tell the miscreant to perform a simple Google search on 
the phrase, "amateur radio humanitarianism" - and see the thousands of 
results showing how hams care about ALL aspects of the human condition 
with their un-selfish and immediate responses to assist where needed. Not 
only in disasters, but for events supporting just about every humanitarian 
cause that exists on the planet.

But my final word on the matter? Don't bother responding to them. They
believe that the world ends with them as they key their mics and work stations
and log contacts. And that is the extent of their amateur radio involvement.

And that's OK - since that is all they want to do with this hobby. 

But do not demean those who care about the welfare of all our planets'
residents, and use amateur radio as one venue to make this a better world.

Clint Bradford

PS - By the way, I sign and identify myself with every post I write - and have for
more than 30 years on the 'Net. Name, phone numbers, physical address - all 
there for anyone to contact me for any reason.