After 100, Now What?

Clint Bradford

With satellite presentation Number 100 coming up, what's the future hold for Clint?

Another 100 shows ... As long as clubs and conventions keep asking for the information, 
I'll carry my projector and screen and handouts and customized presentations and prizes 
and demo equipment and "props" - as I have the past many years.

Think a 75-90-minute presentation giving all the info you need to work a couple FM voice 
birds would be appropriate for your club? Give me a call or email. If not in the Southern 
California area, we can do it via Skype: I send the customized presentation file (Keynote or 
PowerPoint) to you ahead of time to make sure all runs well on your system, along with a 
box of "prizes" to be handed out for those who correctly answer about 10 "trivia questions" 
throughout the show. Then we use Skype for audio (or, if the 'Net speed is good enough, we 
can use Skype video/audio).

Clint K6LCS