Yahoo! My first ISS QSO

Tom Henderson - N6QDI

I worked a very nice fellow in Oklahoma tonight via the ISS Crossband repeater -- my first Satellite QSO.

My equipment is nothing special;  just a Yaesu FT-60 HT and handheld Arrow yagi;  pretty much the plain vanilla "Bradford Method" -- it really works!

My first couple of attempts at satellite ops were not successful;  but tonight It all came together.

Thank you, Clint, you are a wonderful ambassador for satellite ops.  Until I saw one of your lectures I never dreamed I could work the satellites with simple, low-cost equipment.

I'm almost embarrassed at how excited I am! 


-Tom N6QDI

Clint Bradford

You have it - and it won't go away any time soon;

The Satellite Bug!!!

Awfully contagious ... (g)

(The "plain vanilla Bradford Method?" (G))

Which presentation were you at, Tom? And THANK you for your kind words.


Tom Henderson - N6QDI

Greetings Clint --

I saw the talk you gave to the Conejo Valley club in Thousand Oaks, CA.

That talk really got my attention...  I never realized I could work the satellites without a lot of specialized equipment.

So thanks for everything you do -- your lectures, combined with the resources on your web site were critical for me and I'm sure many others.

-Tom N6QDI