Arrow Antennas -- redesigned element spacing?

Clint Bradford

The newest design improves SWR a bit. There s NO REASON to think what we already have needs this improvement. I have been using that model since 2004-ish and they are absolutely wonderful.



I am not a Yagi expert.  But I have seen Yagi antennas with exactly that kind of uneven spacing.  Based on my (fading) memory, it seems to be not unusual for the first director to be much closer to the driven element, as in your second photo.

Arrow has been making those antennas for a rather long time, and it wouldn't surprise me if they tweaked the design at some point, making it better.


Clint Bradford

Thanks for attending the Satellite show!

You did the right thing: Contacting Arrow. Appears to be a case of, "We reserve the right to make our antennas better without telling you ... " (grin)

Use the AMSAT LIVE SAT STATUS PAGE to make sure what you want to work is being heard by others, and go out and test the antenna! LET US KNOW your results!

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Tom Henderson - N6QDI

Greetings everyone-

After seeing one of Clint's presentations I'm excited to try working the satellites.

I purchased an Arrow 146/437-10WBP antenna (2m/70cm with duplexer).  It was originally on backorder from HRO, but was delivered after short delay.

It looks different than all the photos on the Arrow Antennas site. 

In the photo below, the left photo is from the Arrow web site.  Note the even spacing for the UHF antenna elements.

My antenna is on the right;  note how the UHF elements are irregularly spaced.

I queried Arrow and they said "Your antenna is correct.  The picture on the web site is old."  but I didn't see any mention of a redesign anywhere on the internet.

So I thought it was worth asking if anybody else has bought an Arrow Antenna lately that looks like mine? 

Any idea what benefit the new spacing might provide?  I don't recall seeing other yagi's with that kind of spacing, but I'm far from an expert.

Thanks in advance!