QCWA Birthday

Clint Bradford

Quarter Century Wireless Association to Celebrate 75 Years
The Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) celebrated its 75th anniversary on December 5, 2022. Founded in 1947, QCWA's mission includes promoting "friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio (Wireless) operators who were licensed as such at least a quarter of a century ago."

About 12 years ago, dear friend and co-worker at Motorola John Poat (K6MJB, now SK) invited me to his Chapter of the QCWA in Los Angeles to speak on amateur radio satellites. I was a little apprehensive - I mean, what in the world could I teach THESE folks? And, heck, I didn't even qualify as a member yet!

As was my tradition, I arrived an hour early to set up my projector and screen - and there was a QCWA member waiting for me - reserving a great parking spot and assisting carrying in my gear.

And it got better from there.

They were receptive, inquisitive, and we had some of the best Q&A during and afterward ever. I have now presented my satellite show more than 150 times ... but I still vividly remember the QCWA show. AND - I have recently joined my local Chapter 7!  https://www.qcwa.org/chapter007.htm

Clint K6LCS