Has Hades Frozen Over?

Clint Bradford

$49 Amazon Prime tomorrow ...

TIDRADIO TD-H6 10Watt Ham Radio Handheld Upgraded from BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Walkie Talkies with Extra 2200mAh Battery, Programming Cable, Speaker Mic and TD-771 Antenna https://a.co/d/9IPyJ1J

Clint Bradford

Never thought I would be writing anything like this ... but here we go.

Imagine a well-built, capable, 128-channel dual-band HT. Analog, FM-only.
Decent scan speed. Ships with the following accessories ...

-Two 2200mAH Li-Ion batteries
-Drop-in cradle charger (AC AND car cords included)
-Traditional 7" antenna
-16" improved antenna
-A beefy speaker-mic, with great strain-reliefs on cord, rotating clip
-A "two-wire" earpiece/inline-mic (light-duty quality)
-Programming cable for Windows 
-CHIRP already has supported it - for Mac and Windows

$52 for it all. Here is a NON-affiliate link to it on Amazon ...


TIDRadio Model TD-H6. Facebook support group. Web site support. 
Messenger support.

The HT is also Bluetooth programmable - with a $22 accessory purchase.

The HT is NOT "replacing" anything I already carry with me. (NOT a duplex/satellite 
HT.) But it sure is a "cut above" the more-difficult-to-get-to-know $25-45 HT ONLY
out there.

This package would be much more enjoyable for someone entering the hobby
than MANY others - with limited or non-existent support, and programming 

I got involved with TIDRadio as I have been testing their Bluetooth BL-1 dongle.
(Tentative opinion: It works, it is sometimes clumsy, it is better when you use it
in conjunction with their Web site, but TIDRadio is listening to hams, and are
updating and improving.)

As always, I have absolutely no financial interest in this. I mention it because we 
all have seen much frustration with many other models of HTs when it comes to 
programming. When Gordon West and I started pre-programming HTs for new 
hams while I was working at HRO-Anaheim in 2004, the goal was to get folks 
on the air ASAP. Learn the radio a little later - but get on the air with your new 
license NOW! This package from TIDRadio is much more "attractive" than MANY 
other offerings I have seen and experienced.

So there it is, folks. Clint is writing something positive regarding a well-under $100 
Chinese radio ... Does the live record album "Hell Freezes Over" from the Eagles 
come to mind to anyone?

Clint Bradford K6LCS