Satellite Show for YOUR Club!

Clint Bradford

Part of the “job description” for volunteer AMSAT Ambassadors is to 
“spread the gospel” of working satellites to clubs and conventions.

My wife and I (she works the audio board and handles Zoom Chat Room 
inquiries) are nearing 150 presentations - and it is still exciting for us. After 
a show earlier this month, we received this …

"Please let me thank you (and Karen) for an AWESOME and 
entertaining presentation. You are one of those very positive 
examples of people in this hobby that makes it so great.
Your presentation was informative and very entertaining, and 
with the assistance of your wife, Karen, it was run error-free. 
 Our team would highly recommend this presentation to anyone 
exploring Amateur Radio Satellites.”

On August 15, we’re going “up North” to Ottawa, Canada and the 
West Carlton Amateur Radio Club - 

And it “feels” like lives are improving here in So California, as I just 
received a request to do another IN-PERSON presentation in September 
for a local club! (My Epson projector and DaLite screen are dusted off
and ready to go!)

Think a 90-minute lively, informative, and fun “How to Work the Easy 
Satellites” Zoom presentation  would be appropriate for your 
convention or club? Always included are overviews of the ARRL, 
AMSAT, and ARISS. And  pre-presentation questions are 
solicited and welcome.

Send an email or call!

Clint Bradford K6LCS
AMSAT Ambassador; ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator, instructor
909-999-SATS (7287)