Apple AirTag Batteries

Clint Bradford

Well, Apple won’t tell you which brand of CR2032 Li-ion cell to use in our 
Apple AirTags - as many are now sending us “Change Battery!” messages on our 
There are at least three known “issues” with 3V Li-ion CR2032 cell batteries. 
First “problem” that will not work with AirTags - a “bitterent” coating added to 
coat some brands. This evil-tasting addition is meant try to keep children from 
ingesting them.
Second “problem” with some cells is the “collar” that separates positive from 
negative surfaces. Insert some cells with that slightly wider gap, and they will 
not make proper contact with the AirTag’s contacts.
Then there are the brands that work with our AirTags just fine. And since Apple 
won’t tell you what’s working (emails and chats resulted in the same response:
“We won’t recommend any brand”), as a public service, I will.
This 10-pack of Tenergy cells is currently $7 on Amazon Prime ...
And this 10-pack of Panasonic cells is $9.24 on Amazon Prime ...

These are non-associate links ... both brands work in my AirTags.