New release of AMSAT Status for Android

Clint Bradford

Loren - you are welcome here any time ...



I have announced this on the AMSAT BB mailing list, but I thought I might give this group a try for anyone not on the other list. I have an Android app I've developed for publishing status updates to the AMSAT website and pulling down previous reports through their published API. I have been working on a few improvements to it since the last update and would like to get it into people's hands in time for the upcoming ARISS SSTV event happening Dec. 26th - 31st.

I don't want to abuse my time on this mailing list with updates so please email me directly if you want to follow along or join in on the beta, please email me directly. I currently have the app on the Android Play Store in a closed beta, but hope to have it open publicly soon. I just need to make sure I don't have any critical issues or compliance problems with the use of the AMSAT name.

Since last year, I have fixed a few bugs on different Android platforms and also added a Google Maps view which shows the location of satellite reports on a map. It will also save your preferred satellite and has a find me button for filling in the grid square automatically.

To join in on the testing, open this link:

And the app can be opened on your phone with this:

Or search for AMSAT Status. Please provide any feedback or feature requests you want on the app.