Framework Configurable Laptop for portable opps

Mike Hoblinski

I ran across a video for a configurable, upgradable, repairable laptop today.
Its made by a company called framework.
Its a startup company and the laptop is 13.5" and starts at 750.
Here is the video that led me to look into it.

Not what you call cheap or minimal equipment but I see a few people running
portable radios like the IC-705 and doing packet or other data modes. 


Clint Bradford

Interesting ... but for the same amount, I'd rather purchase a new 13" MacBook Air ...

Siegfried Jackstien

hp made some user modifyable laptop some years ago (i few weeks ago i bought a refurbished zbook 15G2) ... a single slider on the back pushed to the side and you can open the backside (to get to memory, ssd, install cd drive, whatever) ... so hp comes close to the framework design (close but its not the same)

the 15g2 is the last one with a REAL docking station connector on the bottom and has additionally a thunderbolt connector (best of both worlds to have BOTH connectors)

if needed you can use them both in parallel (who needs two docking setups at once?!?)

if i just could upgrade the i7 4910 to a newer version (10th or 11th generation i7) then it would be my "perfect" laptop

hp called them "mobile workstation" cause it has an nvidia graphics card additionally to the onboard hd graphic (can easy run 3 or 4 screns at once) and it is (performance wise) a desktop in a notebook case (ok it needs also more power as a "normal" laptop so the battery only lasts about 4 hours)

has 4 memory slots (YES.. FOUR!! .. 2 below keyboard and two from the bottom side) ... 3 ssd harddrives needed?? no problem there is room for it

cd drive?? there is a slot for it

its not a slim design in the 2 pounds class but a big one (about 6 pounds) ... nothing you want to carry around that much

for around 400 to 500 bucks you can find those (a bit older) hp units as refurbished ones ... ok it is a bit slower as an i7 10th or 11th generation ... but in my view the speed up from around 3.5 ghz to around 4 to 4.5 ... is not that much difference and 32 gb of ram is enough for most users

sadly now all laptops have only the thunderbolt connector ... the base connector is thrown out on all newer designs...  and you need an external drive for cd/dvd

another reason why i took this older unit ... i want a cd drive INSIDE and not as an extra unit

why isn´t also the hp zbook built with exchangeable cpu?? THAT would then be a perfect design (not change the complete motherboard but only the cpu!)

i am running the unit now with 3 screens (a tv screen via hdmi, a 24 inch "nomal" screen and the 15 inch internal) and it sure could do another two screens just in case

the framework design is not that bad idea ... build your unit to your needs like "lego" ... stick in what you need ... and replace parts on your own

perfect?? no ... but very close ... and does not cost 3 to 4 k

dg9bfc sigi

Am 26.07.2021 um 07:44 schrieb Clint Bradford via

Interesting ... but for the same amount, I'd rather purchase a new 13" MacBook Air ...