Help with Orbitron


Hello to everyone on the group.  I have a couple quick questions for anyone using Orbitron:

1)  Has anyone been able to successfully control the downlink frequency using Bluetooth on a Kenwood TH-D74A handheld using Orbitron?  I have my 817 being controlled via a Bluetooth Dongle but can't seem to get the D74 to track the downlink.

2)  Where does Orbitron get the frequency and mode information for the different satellites?  When I double click between satellites in the list that I'm tracking, and watch the Rotor/Radio tab in Orbitron, the frequencies aren't correct.  Do I have to manually enter those, and if so, do I enter the frequency of the MIDDLE of the pass?

Best 73,
Nathan KA3MTT

Floyd Bixler

I don't believe that you can change the frequency of an HT like you want to.  You will need to change the freq manually.  As for the 817 frequency being wrong, may you be referring to the doppler adjustment that Orbitron makes.  I use GPredict for my satellite tracking, and HamLib's rigctrl with bluetooth connection to my 817 for CAT.  I haven't used Orbitron for quite some time since it hasn't been updated for a long time, but GPredict gets updated regularly.  It's satellite frequencies are stored in GPredict.  There's a lot more help information for it than Orbitron.  I also have a couple SDR's and I use them with Orbitron and SDR# where I have to give the frequency I'm monitoring for doppler correction.  

I would suggest you go to where Clint (K6LCS) has a ton of information that will help you.

Good Luck and hope to hear you on the birds one day.

WD8DUP/DA1VF.  Floyd

Clint Bradford

For the Kenwood part of the question, please find Don W6GPS - he is involved in the Kenwood-related Facebook groups. THE authority on all things TH-D72/74-related!


Thank you to both Clint and Floyd!  I was actually able to get the downlink tracked using GPredict and a Virtual COM port from the Kenwood website.  Now just working on getting the TX tracked with an 817 using GPredict.  Getting closer !!!  

Thanks to everyone and hope to work you on the linears soon!

Nathan KA3MTT