Satellite Presentations - continuing

Clint Bradford

Just finished meeting the Austin (TX) Amateur Radio Club for a satellite presentation. They’ve 
been around for more than a CENTURY. They market themselves extremely well. And someone 
forgot to tell them that we’re suffering through a pandemic - as they are AVERAGING 6-10 NEW 
MEMBERS A MONTH the past year! We had TEN “first-time attendees” this evening!
What a great club - MANY thanks for the invitation. Board member Mark W5MPJ KNEW what 
was coming - and as soon as he saw my NASA Hawaiian shirt, he knew we were gone to have 
some fun while learning … several AMSAT members in attendance ...
And so it goes. Life as an AMSAT Ambassador. Have knowledge YOU would like to share 
with the planet? Want YOUR personality to come through and get others involved in this 
aspect of our magnificent hobby? Visit - An attendee asked 
how I developed my presentation. I pointed him to - 
a page that needs updating, but shows the methodology of creating a presentation that should 
keep folks’ attention ...
Tomorrow night, Central California. MicroHams 5/18. South New Jersey 5/26. University of 
Arizona 6/1. White Mountain 6/2 … and more presentations  lined up. Think YOUR CLUB 
might appreciate a “Getting Started Working Amateur Satellites” presentation? Send me an email!
Clint Bradford K6LCS
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909-999-SATS (7287) - message machine