QSO Today Ham Expo Extravaganza Workshops Still Available

Clint Bradford

Hey, groovy guys and groovy gals!

Wasn’t the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2021 a FABULOUS EXPERIENCE for
us? All from the comfort of our ham shacks, flannel jammies and fuzzy slippers ...

If you haven't already, send thanks to Eric Guth and his team for their time,
effort, expense and hair-pulling he and his tekkies went through to provide that!

And, WOW!!!! For the 300 live and almost 750 viewers since, you made me feel
like a rock start for creating my segment on how to "Work the Easy Satellites."

For those viewers new to satellites: I’m delighted to think that when you go outside,
you now have new appreciation when you look up into the sky and think about your
opportunities to “work those birds!”

The Expo presentations are still available after April 16th, here: 


Clint Bradford K6LCS