Embarrassing Behavior

Clint Bradford

I cannot believe the whining and complaining I am reading from fellow hams this morning.

We had some technical glitches at the QSO Today! Extravaganza yesterday. The AirMeet software was 
problematic. Savvy Windows users thought to "right click" and enter those pages in new Windows.
But most just complained that it didn't work.

We're HAMS, for gawd's sake. Plan Bs and Plan Cs should be in our blood ...

Complaints of "the sessions were pre-recorded" are ignorant: ALL sessions were pre-recorded by design 
and submitted by February 1, 2021. Then we went to LIVE Q&A and Tables to further discuss life.

Here's a complaint: "I had to scroll too much to find my Table." Make the tables' icons smaller so more 
fit on a page, and that same whiner would then write, "The font's too small ... "

Organizer Eric is beating himself up on all this. He shouldn't be. It's not his fault. Conversed with him
this morning at 6am - after another all-nighter ...
I have heard NO ONE pointing a finger at YOU.
We are hams, for gawd’s sake - Plan Bs and Plan Cs
should be in our bloodlines ...
Whatever platform(s) you choose for next year, I would
like to assist create a one-page “cheat sheet” of
keyboard commands and “tips and tricks” to negotiate.
A single page we can each print out and refer to ...
Attendees are enjoying. Speakers are getting great Q&A
sessions. The “tables” are absolutely wonderful.
I couldn’t find the open bar .... but will search again today. Clint Bradford PS Take me up on that offer with the cheat sheet. 951-533-4984 PPS Let’s have a Zoom session for speakers before next
year’s extravaganza - to show us the techniques and intimacies.
This morning, took me 30 seconds to log in and find my nest presentation area.

SO ... If you cannot provide constructive comments and assistance to make the event better, then you 
really are not behaving like true amateur radio operators. Writing from ignorance and bitching 
and moaning because of a couple problems OUT of the control of the event organizers is NOT how we 

OH - here's one for you: A ham complained the event was "too commercial." Yes, the event was 
sponsored by HAM RADIO EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS. What an idiotic thing to complain about. 
Now, then, if Marlboro was a major sponsor, that would be a legitimate topic of conversation.

Clint Bradford K6LCS

Dan Romanchik KB6NU

I agree with Clint here. Yes, there were plenty of problems with the Expo software, but geez, this is a ham radio conference, not an international peace conference or something like that. Even with all the problems, I had a good time, and all the video presentations are going to be on the Expo website for the next 30 days for paid attendees, and after that on the Expo's YouTube channel for anyone that wants to see them. There were lots of great presentations, and you all should try to watch some of them.

After watching the presentations, I''m sure that the presenters will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I'll be posting my presentation on teaching online amateur radio classes to my YouTube channel 30 days from now.