PO-101 and SO-50 with an Elk and Baofeng UV-5X3

Ramesh SA

I use  a Woxun with a Nagoya whip antenna and can access the AO91 and A092 sats perfectly...I am from India...So51 has always been a problem ...

Brad Smith

Read what Clint uses for a radio. It is cheap and works very well. Great to start out with. I used a cheap Yaesu FT-60 (Just an older model of the same) for 7 years and worked many many passes.


Hi Clint - 

I tried using a Nagoya whip about a week ago and was not able to hear even AO91 or AO92 (but this was during the working hours around 1500 UTC so the birds may have been quiet).

Over the weekend I splurged and bought an Elk LPDA. Even with the Elk I was not able to hear PO-101 today (which has a 2M downlink).

Since I'm not able to even hear the downlinks at times I have not yet attempted to talk over the birds. I contacted the person who gave a satellites talk at QSO Today virtual expo and he seemed to think my radio is partly to blame. I just wanted some more opinions to decide if I need to get a better radio.



Good day - and WELCOME to the group!

YES - The 2M downlinks from AO-91/92 are MUCH stronger than a LEO's 440mHZ 
similar-TX-power downlinks.

And - depending upon time of day - you might just have been one of a very few 
Listening" for SO-50 ... In which case you need to transmit a 74.4 tone for a few 
seconds to turn its 10-minute timer ON. THEN others (who may not know that!) 
might be there for you.

What antenna(s) are you using? The 2M downlinks are able t be heard with 
stock ducks - although you really need some gain to properly work the 

Clint K6LCS

I was able to listen to either AO-91 or AO-92 on Monday with my set-up at about 20:00 or 20:30 UTC, though not very well. Today I tried to listen to both SO-50 and PO-101 at about 18:45 UTC and heard neither. On the AMSAT website SO-50 was heard at about 18:45 UTC from FM19. I'm in FN01 and was on top of a parking garage today with a clear view of the sky in all directions. 

Are my issues stemming from the cheap radio or was no one on the birds when I tried to listen? At first I reasoned that I could not hear SO-50 as the downlink is 70cm. When I couldn't hear PO-101 I started to scratch my head a bit. I've seen youtube videos where folks are successful with the baofengs, but I have yet to find success. Anyone have thoughts?