IC-9700 full duplex for Sats using preamps?


I haven't searched totally everywhere but there doesn't seem to be any real explanation of how the preamp situation works with the IC-9700.  I had a Kenwood TS-2000X that had a separate PTT closure for each band. You could wire a traditional Preamp with small relays or switching transistors to 12vdc for each band and when the PTT was closed on the TX band it would kill the preamp and/or switch to the TX port of the relay as per normal but it would leave power to the other unaffected non -TXing band.  The thing is, if one is doing satellite work using preamps on all bands on the IC-9700, with only one PTT closure it would kill the RX preamp when TX on 2m making it rather hard to hear on 432 right?

How are folks utilizing preamps on each band with the IC-9700 when doing duplex, like with satellites?

 I just ordered the book about the 9700 from Amazon tonight hoping some of this will be covered.

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Clint Bradford

I am '9700-illiterate ... but found a little here for you -

Stefan Wagener

It's very simple. The IC-9700 powers external  preamps via 12V on the respective feed line. If you TX on 2m, the internal sequencer will shut off the 2m preamp on the 2m feed line while the 70 cm preamp is still working while still powered on the 70 cm feed line and vice versa. This has been the case with IC-9100, the IC-910 and so on. The TS-2000 never had that option. One of the biggest faults in my mind. You had to buy/use an external sequencer and power inserter for each band.

73, Stefan VE4SW

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I am '9700-illiterate ... but found a little here for you -


Perhaps this video I put together may help.

IC-9700 SSB Preamps for 2M/70cm (AI4Y)    

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9700 SSB Preamps for 2M/70cm