Arrow Antenna Mod

Clint Bradford

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There are a lot of sites that provide valuable information on working the satellites. 
I'd like to acknowledge one in particular. 

I found it rather awkward to hold the Arrow antenna using the supplied foam grip. 
While the foam made it somewhat comfortable in your hand, you still had to rotate
your wrist at an uncomfortable angle to point the antenna.  I stumbled across Clint
Bradford's site, K6LCS.  I learned a LOT from this site:

In particular, his Arrow antenna modification is perfect for solving that uncomfortable
wrist position!  Take a look at his mod at:

Jerry Rappel <ww0e@...>

What kind of AUDIO amp is at the end of the mast?
Jerry  WW0E

Clint Bradford

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For normal ops, the addition of received audio amplification really isn’t necessary.
But Gordon West and I were demo’ing workin’ the birds at the Orange County
Fairgrounds under really noisy conditions (right aside the Kid Zone’s ferris wheel
and carousel). We NEEDED some audio amplification for the group to hear. And
this little MFJ-382 does the trick. Runs off a 9V rectangular battery ... just
remember to turn it OFF when done, as it’ll drain that battery if left ON.