Clint Bradford

Right now over So CA ...

Clint Bradford

Image captured while mobile ...

Fred Hillhouse

From Clint: “Image captured while mobile ... “


Hi Clint,


Was your mobile radio in wide or narrow FM?


The reason I ask is I was only able to get an image through my TH-D72 when it was in narrow band.


Some of the Kenwood TM-D710 radios had a problem with a filter and the way of quickly checking was to put the radio in narrow band. Although I haven’t read of any issues with the TH-D72, I am wondering if it has a receive issue.


I did manage to get two images: one through the HT and the other through my PC (SDR#/RX-SSTV). Even though the pass was different, the image was the same.




Best regards,

Fred N7FMH