HamNation 361 - Condensing a 90-minute presentation to 10 minutes

Clint Bradford

Bob Heil told us he had specials for opening the show. Valerie had a special site 
for her main segment, but also had a second segment that didn't make it last week.

Gordo and I were given ten minutes ... (grin)

SO ... How does one condense a 90-minute show to a ten-minute segment? 

Well, we did it right after the Icom IC-7300 commercial at about the 38-minute mark.

But please do not skip the beginning of the show. A poignant tribute to a truly
classy lady - who happens to be the president of Heil Sound, and another tear-
jerker-but-pertinent salute to a fellow ham ... and Valerie on the set of a local TV 
station LIVE - and more. It was a great show.

After recording, we moved to Gordo and Suzy's "green room" and enjoyed 
dinner and conversation. Very little was "ham-related." Gordo and Suzy have 
a wonderful garden, and my wife is a Master Gardener for the University of 
California system - so they discussed plumerias. Gordo excused himself and 
brought back unexpected celebratory birthday ice cream plates ... 

It was a marvelous evening!

Email messages I received after the show have been great. Thank you all for
your continued support.

I have surrounded myself with people I can be proud of. People with class 
and earned positive reputations. People whose products ad services (and
customer service after the "sale") are exemplary. For example, I wanted a
"package" of a great HT, Arrow Antenna, and RT Systems' programming
software - to give away next month at one of my satellite presentations. And
what did I receive from "friends" in the industry? Exactly what I asked for -
no questions asked.

It has been a great ride. And we've only just begun ... (grin)

Clint K6LCS