TraffcWatch in So CA

Clint Bradford

Wow ... just came across this piece of So CA history. I was TrafficWatch chair 
and a trainer back in the day ... very early 1990s, if I remember correctly.

The organization I chaired at the time (and chairpersons before and after me) 
was the ONLY "civilian" organization invited by Caltrans and CHP and the 
media to attend the quarterly TIPS meetings at the Luminarias Restaurant atop 
the hill at the corner of I-10 and I-710 freeways. The "Repeater Users Group" was 
primarily (then) using GMRS, and we had a base station set up at KFI to 
directly report to Mark.

I cherish a photo taken at a TIPS meeting of myself with KNX-1070AM's Jim 
Thornton, Mark Denis, Bill Keene and Commander Chuck Street: representing 
THREE generations of wonderful on-the-air traffic reporting talent for the greater 
Los Angeles region.