Ham Nation August 1, 2018 - See You There!

Clint Bradford

Bob Heil (K9EID), Gordon West (WB6NOA), George Thomas (W5JDX) and
a bunch of regulars discuss just about everything ham radio-related on the
very popular mediacast/podcast, Ham Nation.

I'll be a guest again for a ten-to-twelve-minute segment August 1, 2018 - my
third or fourth appearance on the show.

Last time we did it on my birthday, Bob played "Happy Birthday" to me on one 
of his classic organs. On another of my appearances, we highlighted our school
ISS contact community event.

On August 1, we'll discuss just general workin' the birds, and maybe take a few
questions from the chat room.

Watch the show as it's recorded live, Wednesday at 6pm (Pacific) and can be 
viewed at ...

And join in the chatroom on IRC channel #twitlive. All earlier episodes are
available on-line on YouTube and iTunes, as well as on the TWiT Web site.

Ham Nation is a Leo LaPorte property, and friends MADE him (grin) get his
ham license a few years ago, as he moved into his then-new studio in
Petaluma, CA.