Satellite Files for Kenwood TH-D72A

Les Rayburn

A couple of list members attempted to help me get my Kenwood TH-D72 memory programmed for satellite operation two weeks ago. Unfortunately, neither file that I received would work. 

I’m using the Kenwood MCP-4 software to program the radio, and have done so successfully for local repeaters. 

One of the files I received was from a European ham, and the software would not load the file—generating an error that said the file was “out of market” which I took to mean it would not work with the North American version of the software. In other words, files for the D-72E won’t work when trying to program a D-72A. 

The other file was a .CSV file that could not be converted successfully. 

If someone is using a Kenwood TH-D72A and would be willing to share their MCP-4 file contains the current FM satellites, I’d be most grateful. I’ll be in EM62 and EM61 this weekend, and would love to activate them. 

Also is there a “how to guide” about best practices for using the Kenwood TH-D72 with satellites? The software will not allow you to operate “split” frequency between two bands (V/U) so I assume you have to put the uplink on one side (A) and downlink on the other (B)? 

Any help would be much appreciated! 


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i used to work sats on my d7. Ill look my archives and if i can find anything of use ill send it to u.
73 De Brian MM0BEF

Clint Bradford

Darn, Les ... I included some of your destination city files in that csv for you ... it should have imported to CHIRP ...

I just sent you you a datafile straight from the Kenwood program.


If it's a CSV file you can open it in most spreadsheet programs. I doubt there are that many lines that you couldn't open the spreadsheet and your pgm software side by side and manually type them in. I've done similar in the past.


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Les and others..
I too just bought the D72 and an ELK antenna to get on the birds from various grids as we travel.
Im also having a bit of a time getting memories to configure.
If you have had success, or were sent a file to load in MCP-4a program Id love to have a look.
Thank you..Kirk N0KK