working sats with vx7r


how is a vx7r for working sats....

73 n5iz

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A VX-7R is a great rig for working the FM sats!

Although not a true full-duplex radio - it is a great HT.

I prefer split freq mode - page 46-ish of the manual - where in one memory location you can program 440 downlink and 2M uplink - like in all the sat frequency charts at ...



That's what I use. It works ok. Just turn the squelch off and program the tx and rx freqs and connect to an antenna.  It can't hear while you transmit but a lot of others don't either.  Just got to work harder and hang in there. I have a lot of contacts and don't do it everyday.

Forrest, KC9JFX

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how is a vx7r for working sats....

73 n5iz