I keep trying....

k7cwq <lorenrasmussen@...>

I have an FT60 and have it programmed, per example, for AO51.
I am using the smiley 270A.
I have been listening to passes (only passes of more than 45')for a couple of weeks now. I can easily hear some qso's, but have been unable to make contact. I have been recognized twice, I can hear someone refer to a weak handheld. I figure if I keep at it I will experience the joy of a qso. Am I the only one?

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

... FT-60R ... Smiley 270A ...
... I have been recognized twice ... weak ...
Are you "getting perpendicular" to the satellite with your antenna?

You ARE making contacts!

Sounds like you are doing everything correctly. Just make sure the satellite you are working is in V/U mode.

If it doesn't improve for you, you may want to try building a simple (and inexpensive!) dual-band Yagi. Plans are on ...