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Clint Bradford

This is a TEMPORARY change - "Once the server move is complete, it will be back at"
Paul, N8HM

ISS SSTV Project

Clint Bradford

The ISS SSTV experiment has started. But ham gear has, traditionally, been turned OFF during EVAs ...

June 25, Friday
3:30 a.m. Pacific - Coverage of ISS Expedition 65 U.S. Spacewalk # 76 to Install the Second IROSA Solar Array on the P6 Truss for the 4B Channel Power System (Spacewalk scheduled to begin at appx. 8 a.m. EDT and will last 6 ½ hours; Pesquet and Kimbrough).


Re: HRD Sat Tracking

Clint Bradford

AMSAT changed the URL for kep data ...

AMSAT Keps - GoSatWatch

Clint Bradford

Affecting the marvelous iOS satellite tracking program, GoSatWatch (and possibly other programs, too), AMSAT just changed their URL for the data.

Yes - AMSAT is working on their site. And Virgilio has it for us: Looks like AMSAT has changed the server address that the app currently references.
The updated URL is now:
You can change the URL to the above from ...

Settings > Orbital Elements > Amateur Radio

Re: HRD Sat Tracking

Clint Bradford

On Jun 20, 2021, at 4:43 PM, Steve R via <oldjavadrinker@...> wrote:

The AMSAT tracking page has a different layout today as well. Coincidence or related?

Re: HRD Sat Tracking

Steve R

The AMSAT tracking page has a different layout today as well. Coincidence or related?

Re: ISS SSTV June 21-26, 2021

Clint Bradford

ARISS answer coming tomorrow on all this.


HRD Sat Tracking

Steve R

i submitted help request to Ham Radio Deluxe, does anyone know what might have caused this issue?

I opened HRD Sat Tracking today and all the definitions are different. Cant find SO50, either AO91 or 92, and ISS shows ISS ZARYA. I tried updating definitions and no change.

Any ideas?


Re: ISS SSTV June 21-26, 2021

Clint Bradford

I will have the official answer in just a little while ...

Re: ISS SSTV June 21-26, 2021

Clint Bradford

If they are going to work on that Solar panel array with an EVA, then yes - ham gear will be turned off.

Let's watch ARISS official souces for status of the SSTV project.

Re: ISS SSTV June 21-26, 2021

Clint Bradford

This hasn't been updated yet ...

Current Status of ISS Stations
as of 06/17/2021

​Columbus Module radios: 
  • IORS (Kenwood D710GA) – STATUS - ACTIVEsupporting cross band repeater operation (145.990 up [67 Hz tone] /437.800 down MHz). Next mode change to packet operations targeting first school event after ARRL Field Day.
    • Supporting USOS scheduled voice contacts, packet and voice repeater ops.
    • Radio will be turned OFF to support U.S. EVA June 20, 2021 (Scheduled OFF on June 19 ~19:20 UTC. Scheduled ON at 10:10 UTC June 21).  

Service Module radios:
  • Kenwood D710E – STATUS - Radio usually off.
    • Supporting ROS scheduled voice contacts and SSTV.
    • Radio will be turned OFF to support U.S. EVA on June 20, 2021.
    • Supporting ARISS SSTV continuously from June 21, ~09:40 UTC through June 26, ~18:30 UTC.

Re: ISS SSTV June 21-26, 2021


Does the update posted on the ARISS blog mean that transmissions for only the 25th are cancelled or the entire event is postpone?

**UPDATE - June 19**

The addition of a EVA by the US crew on June 25 will change the dates of operation related to this activity. The exact schedule has not yet been updated but no ham radio activity can occur during the EVA period.

Re: Programming FT817 with Chirp

Steve R

We are jenusees !! haha.  Thanks Clint. I assembled my Arrow that hasn't had any use in 4 years. I still have my Kenwood TH-F6 but I saw you had used your 817 before. I will be working QRP using my 817 for FD anyway, so what the heck...give it a try.

It looks like I have two or three good chances with ISS Xband and one good one for SO50 during FD up here at FN02. I will have to check the AO's.. 



Re: Programming FT817 with Chirp

Clint Bradford

Correct - split freqs - Tone Encode - TX is UPlink and RX from satellite is DOWNlink.

NOT TSQ - Just enabled on TX.

Programming FT817 with Chirp

Steve R

I am trying to set up my817 for satellite to try on Field Day. I am using Chirp.


Is Frequency my transmit(uplink) and using split, the Offset is the Receive (downlink)? Or am I backwards? I think I am right since that is the only option to but in Tone.


ISS SSTV June 21-26, 2021

Clint Bradford

ARISS "Amateur radio on Shuttle, Mir and ISS" SSTV event - June 21-26
Jun 14th 2021


The ARISS team will be transmitting SSTV images continuously from June 21 until June 26.

The images will be related to some of the amateur radio activities that have occurred on the Space Shuttle, Mir space station and the International Space Station.

The schedule start and stop times are:


Monday, June 21 – Setup is scheduled to begin at 09:40 UTC (transmissions should start a little later).



Saturday, June 26 – Transmissions are scheduled to end by 18:30 UTC.



Downlink frequency will be 145.800 MHz and the mode should be PD120. 


Those that recently missed the opportunity during the limited period of MAI transmissions should have numerous chances over the 6 day period to capture many (if not all 12)  images.


Radios for Sat operation

Phil Zminda

While raising money to buy an ICOM IC-705, I sold off my old FT-60, which I had successfully used a few times with SO-50 and AO-91. I have an Anyone 868 that I had bought for DMR and use with a hotspot. I programmed SO-50 and AO-91 in the 868 and tried an SO-50 pass with no success. I'll have to try a few more times. My antenna is an Elk log periodic. I am considering getting another HT, such as another FT-60 or FT-70 as probably a better choice for Sat work and analog FM in general. The FT-70 would also give me C4FM. Anyone using the 868, 878 or FT-70 for sat operation. I also might try the IC-705 but mostly been using it for HF and a couple FM nets. Any comments on these radios appreciated.

Phil N3ZP

AO-91 - Use ONLY When Illuminated by Sun

Clint Bradford

It is going to be tempting this Field Day ... But please tell EVERY ONE you know NOT 
to attempt to work AO-91 unless it is illuminated by the Sun.

Clint K6LCS

Re: Manually Programming Your ... Yaesu FT-60R

Clint Bradford

We discuss both - personally, I use alpha characters describing some ... but most of the simplex left as freq on display. 
Unless programming a bunch of radios for an event or club (making all memories the same for each HT), each individual needs to determine what is best for them. AND, that is easily changed at any time!

Re: Manually Programming Your ... Yaesu FT-60R

daron wilson

This is a wonderful question.  We encourage students, in fact we require they demonstrate the ability to do so in class, to be able to program needed frequency, offset, tone, power, etc. from the keypad when needed.  It is very unlikely that all responders to an event will have all the potential channels needed preprogrammed.  While preprogramming increases productivity in the field, the ONE thing that we as amateurs have is frequency agility, it would be a shame to show up to help and not be able to program your radio.


With respect to channel names, we suggest representative abbreviations.  For 146.520 we use V652 D, indicating VHF 6.520 direct (simplex), V704 would indicate 147.040 in a repeater configuration, U4090 would indicate 440.900 in a repeater configuration, etc.  Makes a nice tidy abbreviation to fit on a display that only does a few characters, and allows more technically focused folks to know the frequency at a glance.




Daron N7HQR


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Clint, this is good!


Do we ENCOURAGE, or DISCOURAGE, the individual memorized channels showing NAMES as they are dialed up via memory?


Or, do we encourage our students to know FREQUENCIES in memory, so they can QSY when net control says "...move up to 146.565 MHz?"





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Subject: [Work-Sat] Manually Programming Your ... Yaesu FT-60R

Found a need for doing this some more. Back in 2004, Gordon West 

and I initiated “pre-programming” HTs for new hams while I was working 

for HRO-Anaheim.


Out of that grew a presentation. Back then, of course, it was all performed 

in-person. But now …


“How to Manually Program Your Yaesu FT-60R” via Zoom. Know of any 

hams who might want to partake? I limit the audience to 10 attendees - 

so that is stays intimate and all can ask everything they want to. And it will 

keep the session to an hour.


West Coast time … I have Mondays off. But will add 6PM or 7PM start time 

during the week.


Please send me an email with a couple “best times” for you. Or, if you 

have a “lead,” send me their email address.


Clint Bradford K6LCS

clintbradford AT mac DOT com

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