New Ham Antenna on ISS

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

ARISS US Hardware Manager Lou McFadin, W5DID says that all the
teamwork and effort to expand the ARISS amateur radio station
aboard the ISS were successful this weekend when the new dual
band 2m/70CM antenna was installed on the outside of ESA's
Columbus module.

Lou congratulated the team, "This is an example of what can be
achieved by volunteer hams working closely with a space agency.
This antenna project was funded entirely by AMSAT-NA and volun-
teers who built the antennas for both an ESA experiment and for
ARISS. I am very proud of all the teamwork and effort that has
gone into this project."

The new ARISS antenna is very similar to the antennas already on
the Russian service module. Once the antennas are in place the
ARISS team will be working to bring amateur radio to the Columbus

In conclusion Lou noted the tremendous contribution from ESA for
the experiment, the launch and the EVA making this expansion of
amateur radio aboard the ISS possible.

[ANS thanks Lou McFadin, W5DID for the above the information]

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