SO-67 Ops Notes from K8YSE

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

From the FM-SATs group ...

Audio for the SO-67 eastern USA pass on 21Nov09
is on my webserver:

Now that it is understood that there is a 3 second
tail after each transmission and audio will cut off
after that time has expired, ways to get around the
problem can be devised.

I found that when called by another station, if you start
transmitting before that station releases their transmitter,
you will be able to answer and not be cut off after 3 seconds.
This is because the "tail" never started. However, if this
continuous transmission goes on for 30(?) seconds, the next
timer will shut down the transmitter. Waiting for the tail
to expire, when the bird is over the USA with many stations
trying to get in, will not work. There will always be someone
who keys up during the 3 second tail.

Signals were loud as usual right down to the horizon. The extra
transmitter power will enable many new users to get on this bird.
Thanks to all of those who had a part in launching this satellite!

John K8YSE

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