FT-60R a Good Beginner's HT?

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From the In Box from a soon-to-be ham in Mesa, Arizona ...

... thinking about getting the Yaesu FT-60R. What do you think about this radio for a beginner?
It is a GREAT rig - not only for someone new to the hobby, but to anyone in Mesa who wants to communicate on your local repeaters, work the ham satellites, and talk simplex.

You have a couple good clubs in the region ... been to a Superstition Amateur Radio Club meeting? They have 2 meter machines up on the mountain. As well as several other clubs.

Back to the FT-60R. It features ...

- 1,000 memories
- Wide receive (essentially 108mHZ to a gig)
- Large, legible display
- Easy to manually program
- Bulletproof case design
- Strongest belt clip of ANY ham HT chassis on the market
- GREAT battery life - and a great power situation using the optional FBA-25 AA alkaline case: You have FULL TX POWER available to you using AA alkalines or NiMH cells. Many other ham radios do NOT offer high power TX when using their optional AA cases!

I own many handheld ham radios. Most were more expensive than the FT-60R. But you know which radio I have taken and shown its capabilities to ALL of my 50+ ham satellite demos and presentations? The FT-60R.

Please download a copy of my one-page programming instructions from my Web site (don't toss the 84-page Users manual ... just know that you don't need to memorize all that stuff to get on the air quickly with your FT-60R).

The FT-60R is available NEW and WARRANTEED for under $200 from Ham Radio Outlet, Amateur Electronics Supply, and other reputable Yaesu dealers. I recommend NOT looking for a used one ... you have no idea what abuse a used one may have been subjected to ... used ones never come with a NEW battery ... used ones are not, for the most part, guaranteed at all.

PLEASE WRITE BACK with any questions or comments. And congratulations on your interest in this magnificent hobby!

Clint Bradford, K6LCS
http://www.work-sat.com - look under DOCS on this site for the FT-60 programming guide

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