Yagis vs. HT Antennas

K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...>

... Is the performance of the commercial Yagis (like the Elk or Arrow) going to be that much better than the Smiley 270A?
Last time I checked in with Alan, N5AFV, he logged over 9,200 contacts using just his HT and antenna improvement (In his case, an Icom IC-W32a and Pryme AL-800 antenna).

SO ... It CERTAINLY can be done with just an HT and antenna improvement - like the Smiley 270A.

But there is a tremendous difference when you can use a Yagi built for sat work. You can work the birds at lower elevations, and your TX and RX signals are much better.

You can inexpensively build a "tape measure" Yagi for the downlink to experience the difference that its 7-12db gain will offer. Links on ...



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