ARISS Crossband Repeater Still ON

Clint Bradford

Current status of ISS ham radio stations
as of July 28, 2022
​Columbus Module radios: 
  • IORS (Kenwood D710GA) – STATUS - Configured. Default mode is for cross band repeater (145.990 MHz up {PL 67} & 437.800 MHz down).  ​​​​
    • Powered OFF for Russian EVA on Aug 17. 
    • Capable of supporting USOS scheduled voice contacts, packet and voice repeater ops.

Service Module radios:
  • IORS (Kenwood D710GA) – STATUS - Not Active.​ ​​ Default mode is for​​​ packet operations (145.825 MHz up & down)
    • Powered OFF for Russian EVA on Aug 17. 
    • ​Capable of supporting ROS scheduled voice contacts, packet, SSTV and voice repeater ops.

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