Re: what is the correct way to set memory channels for Doppler?

Steve [AA8AF]

My understanding is compensation for doppler shift is only needed on the 440 frequency - either for transmitting or receiving on 440.  The 2M frequency can stay the same as the doppler shift is inconsequential.  Here’s a screenshot of a portion of my FT-60 setup I did awhile back (from an RT Systems programmer) showing the center nominal frequency and two steps on either side:

In the case above for SO-50, there’s a channel programmed with the “wakeup tone” (e.g. #102).


On Jan 18, 2022, at 7:17 PM, Tim L <ptim15@...> wrote:

I have read the postings and still not sure  how to set my memory channels to accommodate for doppler on the u/v -v/u Fm sats. I have created memory channels spaced 5KC apart. my question is do I set the xmit and receive both or just xmit frequency? and  do they both increment and decrement in the same direction or do I set them so when the xmit goes up 5 the rec goes down 5? Please help
two example's below. what is the correct set up

                       RECEIVE            TRANSMIT

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