K6LCS Presentation Video

Clint Bradford

Q. Do you publish a recording of your satellite presentation?

A. There are a few videos of my presentation out there ... on convention or club sites. But there's a couple of reasons I do not publish one myself …

1. Each of my shows is very-much-personalized for its audience. There are 15-19 "slides" that are audience-specific that get changed. It would just be weird to have you listen to club-specific information for someone else's club!

2. Like books on many topics, once they are published, they are outdated. And so are these satellite presentations. Timely information I give tonight regarding ISS operations and "current status" of some satellites will change and might  NOT be current next week - as life goes on.

SO ... As you cruise the 'Net for satellite information, make sure the sites you bookmark respect you enough to DATE THEIR INFORMATION! A Scout leader called me up a couple years ago after a Field Day, and was irritated that he was not able to work AO-51 for his large gathering. He had cruised the 'Net and found "Easy Sats to Work!" info for AO-51 - and set up his equipment for AO-51. Well, AO-51 passed away / ceased operating 11/29/2011. But that Web site he used didn't tell its visitors that: It was a OLD article, current when it was originally published … 

Clint Bradford K6LCS
AMSAT Ambassador, ARRL registered instructor
(909) 999-SATS (7287)

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