Re: Yaesu FT530's for sale, full duplex - not mine

David, N9KT

For anyone wanting a great FM full-duplex 5W radio for satellites, the FT-530 is awesome! I've got one and I have almost 200 grid squares with it. They have 41 memories so you can store complete passes for eight FM satellites (5 steps/pass).

I suggest you get an AA case and just use rechargeable AAs if you win this. Also, I have a searchable PDF version of the manual which I would be happy to email the winner. The printed manual has everything in it, but it's hard to find what you want. Being able to search makes it a lot easier.

Disclaimer, the ones advertised are not mine and I'm not selling them. I just think the FT-530 is an excellent HT for satellite work.

-David, N9KT

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