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Clint, this is good!

Do we ENCOURAGE, or DISCOURAGE, the individual memorized channels showing NAMES as they are dialed up via memory?

Or, do we encourage our students to know FREQUENCIES in memory, so they can QSY when net control says "...move up to 146.565 MHz?"


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Found a need for doing this some more. Back in 2004, Gordon West 
and I initiated “pre-programming” HTs for new hams while I was working 
for HRO-Anaheim.
Out of that grew a presentation. Back then, of course, it was all performed 
in-person. But now …
“How to Manually Program Your Yaesu FT-60R” via Zoom. Know of any 
hams who might want to partake? I limit the audience to 10 attendees - 
so that is stays intimate and all can ask everything they want to. And it will 
keep the session to an hour.
West Coast time … I have Mondays off. But will add 6PM or 7PM start time 
during the week.
Please send me an email with a couple “best times” for you. Or, if you 
have a “lead,” send me their email address.
Clint Bradford K6LCS
clintbradford AT mac DOT com

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